About Us

We believe every customer is a DIVA! From that single mom struggling to provide for her family, the college graduate that was once told she would never amount to anything to that curvy girl who is struggling to fit into society views of beauty.

Being a curvy girl myself I found it dreadful going to the store to look for clothes. I  couldn't find any cute or trendy clothes to fit me. Either the clothes had some awful print or the clothes didn't do anything for my figure. All the cute and trendy clothes were just available in smaller sizes. I know you all heard the saying "If you look good you feel good" and that's true. When I get dressed up I feel good and I want you all to feel good too. 

At The Divaz Closet we are always looking for the hottest and trendy styles. We have styles for every DIVA and every occasion. Make your stamp on our Facebook page and our Instagram page to show off your DIVA look.